The Debate over Christian Reconstruction

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Click left for an example. Learn more Create PowerClip! User Comments 5 Speaker Info. If you were blessed by this message, please email the broadcaster add a comment Add Comment. The good the bad and the ugly! I like pastor Schwertley because he's confessional, whereas many reconstructionalists are anti-confessional and independent. This is a must listen for those seeking to influence the culture for Christ. I highly recommend this sermon! I plan to listen to part 2 right away! Now I feel like I have a good grasp about what it is.

The Christian Reconstructionism Dodge

I also believe that this teaching was extreamly fair and thorough. If anyone is interested in knowing more about this movement then I would strongly encourage you to start here. Be sure and listen to part 2 also. Really, this is an excellent work from Rev. Schwertley, thank you Rev. I'm looking forward to the entire series! Brian Schwertley Bio: Rev. Schwertley has been a guest preacher at over a dozen RPCNA and other reformed churches across the country. Jim Byrd. Johnston Who Is Jesus?

The Debate over Christian Reconstruction - DTS Voice

Evangelism Awakening Special Meeting Play! Rushdoony jumped at the chance. With the exception of his commitment to lead the weekly study the money came with few strings attached. He would finally be free to follow his own intellectual, theological, and political instincts. Buoyed by his new relationship with Women for America Rushdoony was finally afforded the chance to do what he loved—dedicate himself to the study and propagation of a specific brand of biblicism. Theonomy had been born. While the first three chapters provide much that is helpful, it is only after Rushdoony teams up with Women for America and creates the Chalcedon Foundation that his ideas begin to have the wider influence that he had hoped.

As Rushdoony entered this new phase of ministry one of his first encounters was a negative run-in with the editorial staff at Christianity Today. With its all-star cast of J.

Howard Pew, L. Ockenga, and Carl F. Henry, the journal founded in functioned as the gatekeeper to mainstream evangelicalism in America. Rebuffed by the evangelical gatekeepers, Rushdoony turned toward alternative subsets of American Christians. He eventually found a receptive home among proponents of private Christian and homeschool education.

With the publication of his multivolume tome The Institutes of Biblical Law in , Rushdoony laid the groundwork for influence within a conservative movement that was coalescing around fears of increasing statism and the expanding role of the IRS in policing private Christian schools.

In just a few years the issue of abortion would further fuel similar sentiments among conservative Christians in America.

Secrets of the extreme religious right: Inside the frightening world of Christian Reconstructionism

From D. Rushdoony had already become a lightning rod for controversy. Thus even while his ideas gained influence within the writing and preaching of evangelical gurus, association with Rushdoony himself was typically avoided. Foremost among these was Gary North. After earning his PhD in economics at the University of California, Riverside, North furthered Reconstruction and antistatist economics through his own think tank, the Institute for Christian Economics.

If there is anyone in this book who comes across as thoroughly dislikable it is North, not Rushdoony. In addition to North, Rushdoony also attracted a young Christian lawyer named John Whitehead and a budding theologian named Greg Bahnsen. After spending most of the late s working closely with Rushdoony, Whitehead teamed up with Franky Schaeffer, the son of Francis Schaeffer, in the early s to found the Rutherford Institute, an influential Christian legal advocacy group.

Similarly, Bahnsen showed what Theonomy might look like when communicated by a theological professional. He also infuriated most of the faculty. By RTS decided not to renew his contract.

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By that point he had already passed on Reconstructionist principles to a new generation. Some went even further. John Britton in cold blood outside an abortion clinic in Pensacola, Florida, in the summer of By the time Hill took it upon himself to made the war of ideas a literal gunfight, Rushdoony and the movement he birthed were well past their prime.

Throughout much of the s caustic infighting between Rushdoony and the group of Reconstructionists assembled under Gary North in Tyler, Texas, had made the movement look increasingly unappealing to mainstream evangelicals.

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Yet the shunning Rushdoony and Theonomy received at the hands of evangelical outlets like Christianity Today had mixed results. Evangelical blacklisting forced Rushdoony to focus on subsets of evangelicalism e. As a result, many evangelicals did not even see Christian Reconstruction coming.

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With the exception of a few small errors e. This is a side of American evangelicalism whose influence has far exceeded the amount of scholarship it has generated in the academy. This just might be the case. Oxford is poised to release Julie J. Not only is this volume a much-welcomed contribution to the scholarship of religious conservatism and evangelicalism in America, it also serves a model for scholars who are writing about persons whose opinions differ markedly from their own.

Christian Reconstruction argues that the answer to this question is not as straightforward as some may assume.