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On the whole, the layout of the book is conducive to easy use for readers. Similarly, the entries are written in easily understood language and interesting enough that newcomers to the field will experience no difficulty but are also detailed enough that individuals with a criminal justice background would likely encounter new information as well.

I found myself desiring a more detailed organizational scheme for the contents of the book. On the contents page, the reader is provided with the page numbers on which entries starting with each letter of the alphabet begin. List and briefly explain the four main factors most often cited for supporting community corrections.

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Use outside sources and cite the sources properly in APA format. They must comply with certain rules for their program and are assigned a parole officer or community corrections officer to check in with for wellness.


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References Community Corrections. National Institute of Justice. Retrieved from Fearn, N.

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Goals and Objectives of Community Corrections. Barton-Bellessa is a professor of criminology and criminal justice at Indiana State University. Her journal publications have been in the area of community corrections, correctional officer job satisfaction, cognitive programming, and the juvenile justice system. Robert D.

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  7. Hanser is a full professor and chair of the criminal justice program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Rob has also administered a regional training academy in northeastern Louisiana North Delta Regional Training Academy that provides training to correctional officers, jailers, and law enforcement throughout a parish region in Louisiana. He serves as the board president for Freedmen Inc. Lastly, Rob currently holds a gubernatorial appointment on the statewide Louisiana Reentry Council, which ensures that regional efforts are aligned with statewide initiatives.

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    He has dual licensure as a professional counselor in Texas and Louisiana, is a certified anger resolution therapist, and has a specialty license in addictions counseling. Foreword Preface Acknowledgments Section I. May and Peter B. Wood 3.


    Pretrial Release and Diversion Readings: 4. Restorative Justice Readings: 6. The Viability of Treatment Perspectives Readings: 8. Lowenkamp, Dana Hubbard, Matthew D. Makarios, and Edward J. Latessa 9. Parhar, J. Stephen Wormith, Dena M. Derkzen, and Adele M. Beauregard Section V.