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By Martin Chilton. Robin Hoods in G-strings: the down and dirty truth about life as a Hustler Premium. By Alice Vincent. By Chris Harvey. Having successfully walked the Warrior's Road, Tom must tackle four Beasts controlled by his lifelong foe, Kensa An old enemy seeks revenge on Avantia's heroes, and the safety of the kingdom of Tangala is also under threat. In a desert oasis a terrifying creature lies in wait. Plexor, a monstrous water Beast, is guarding the missing royal orb. Only one of the Crown Jewels is still missing, but wicked Velmal has saved the most frightening Beast for last In the mysterious Rainbow Jungle a terrifying creature is on the loose - a giant fire ant which the evil witch Kensa plans to set on the people of Gwildor!

The witch Kensa's wicked plan to control the land of Gwildor continues, and now she's created a new monster, whose poisoned hooves kill the precious crops. Tom and Elenna journey to the kingdom of Gwildor - but when they arrive they discover that an old enemy has a deadly plan to seize power over the land and its people.

Tom and Elenna must find all four weather crystals before they fall into the hands of Emperor Jeng and Evil Witch Kensa. Emperor Jeng and the Evil Witch Kensa have gone in search of the Broken Star - four crystals that can control the weather! Tom and Elenna have tracked Emperor Jeng and the Evil Witch Kensa as they search for the second weather-controlling crystal.

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Be the hero in this exciting adventure! Join Tom and his companions on a brand new Beast Quest, where your decisions determine the outcome. Join Tom on a brand new Beast Quest and take part in a terrifying adventure where You call the shots! The spirit of an ancient Beast has risen. Ospira is on the rampage and King Hugo's baby son, Prince Thomas, is in danger!

Join Tom and Elenna as they battle to rescue the prince and defend Avantia. And when Evil Wizard Malvel opens a portal to Gorgonia, it is up to young Taladon to stop the kingdom from falling into wicked hands When Tom drinks the potion of Tempra the Time Stealer, he finds himself in an alternative Avantia, ruled by an evil wizard.

Cunning Arax is half-man, half-bat, with the terrible power to steal the good qualities from any person he attacks and turn them evil. Evil Wizard Malvel has conjured up Creta, a terrifying creature that can unleash thousands of vicious insects from its colossal body! Ferrok the Iron Soldier has risen from the ground, and is marching to conquer Avantia with his army of slave-warriors. Can Tom defy the odds and win the battle?

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Tom's best friend, Elenna, has been kidnapped by evil Malvel! Grashkor the Beast Guard is holding her prisoner in his dark prison - the Chamber of Pain!

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Avantian legend tells of a Mistress of the Beasts who never returned from her Quest, sixty years ago Evil never rests in Avantia, and a deadly new enemy lies in wait for our heroes. Okawa the River Beast lurks in his muddy lair, ready to trap unsuspecting travellers. Can Tom and Elenna escape the Beast's clutches, or will they meet a watery end?

Two evil wizards from Gorgonia have stolen an enchanted mirror in order to summon the fearsome Beast Raksha from the Lake of Light. A new Beast has risen from the Underworld! Ravira reeks of death and commands a pack of fearsome Avantian Hounds. In the Forbidden Lands lurks Skolo, a terrifying giant centipede with wings as sharp as blades.

Can Tom find the strength to tackle this Beast and obtain the magical healing stone she guards? Spiros the Ghost Phoenix guards the skies and is caught between life and death but she has the power of All-Sight. Only she will be able to find where Tom's aunt and uncle are being kept. Tom must face not one, but two Beasts on his next amazing Quest! The forests of Avantia are stalked by Viktor the Deadly Archer, who rides a terrible skeleton horse.

Will Tom prevail against double the danger? Avantia stands on the edge of an abyss. Dark armies, led by a malevolent warlord, are mustering on its borders.

go here Maximus's evil plans to destroy the Good Beasts continues The seas will boil when Sepron and Narga clash in combat. This full-colour book is packed with details, statistics and information about all the amazing Beasts from the bestselling series - over Beasts, from A to Z!