Buddha Mind: An Anthology of Longchen Rabjams Writings on Dzogpa Chenpo

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Klong chen pa Longchenpa, — is widely acknowledged as the greatest writer on the Rdzogs chen Great Perfection teachings of the Rnying ma Ny-ingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. He was born in the Grwa valley in the G. At the age of twelve he took ordination and was given the name Tshul khrims blos gros. In this monastic setting, he received a thorough Buddhist training, exhibiting a particular talent for composing poetry, a skill that would continue to shape his later writings. Klong chen pa had an immeasurable impact on the development of Rdzogs chen.

From the eleventh through the fourteenth centuries, the snying thig seminal heart traditions had produced some of the most creative innovations ever seen in Tibetan Buddhism. But only with Klong chen pa were these scattered and often contradictory developments systematized. Drawing upon his extensive studies of these earlier writings, Klong chen pa detailed a cohesive set of contemplative practices that culminate in patterns of light and emptiness flowing effortlessly from within the body. He presented these visions within the context of wider snying thig theories on topics including how the buddhas emanate into the world, how the universe came into existence, and how mind emerges from sleep into dreaming or from the moment of death into the intermediate state bar do.

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In his mid-twenties, Klong chen pa gave up the monastery to live as an itinerant ascetic in the Tibetan wilderness. From this master, he received the Great Perfection teachings according to the Vima snying thig Seminal Heart of Vimalamitra tradition. This meeting engendered a major shift in Klong chen pa's thought; for the rest of his life, his attentions would focus on the snying thig.

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  4. Later still, he synthesized the two systems of the Vima snying thig and the Mkha' 'gro snying thig in his masterful Zab mo yang thig Seminal Quintessence of the Profound. Longchenpa is regarded as an indirect incarnation of the princess Pema Sal.

    Legend states that at age five, Longchenpa could read and write, [4] and by age seven his father began instructing him in Nyingma tantras. He thus received the combined Kadam and Sakya teachings of the Sutrayana through his main Sakya teacher, Palden Lama Dampa Sonam Gyaltsen , in addition to the corpus of both old and new translation tantras.

    At the age of 19, Longchenpa entered the famous shedra monastic college Sangpu Neutok Wylie: gSang-phu Ne'u-thog , [4] where he acquired great scholarly wisdom.

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    He later chose to practice in the solitude of the mountains, after becoming disgusted by the behavior of certain scholars. When he was in his late twenties two events occurred of decisive importance in his intellectual and spiritual development. One was a vision of Guru Padmasambhava and his consort Yeshe Tsogyal.



    The other happened in his 29th year, his meeting with the great mystic Rigdzin Kumaradza alt. Dudjom Rinpoche — et al. Therefore, someone will come to hold my lineage. Kumaraja accepted no outer tribute from Longchenpa for the teachings he received, discerning that Longchenpa was blameless and had offered his tribute internally.

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    Together with Rangjung Dorje , Longchenpa accompanied Kumaraja and his disciples for two years, during which time he received all of Rigdzin Kumaradza's transmissions. Through the efforts of these three, the diverse streams of the "Innermost Essence" nying thig teachings of Dzogchen were brought together and codified into one of the common grounds between the Nyingma and Karma Kagyud traditions.

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    After several years in retreat, Longchenpa attracted more and more students, even though he had spent nearly all of his life in mountain caves. During a stay in Bhutan Tib. Pema Lingpa , the famous terton finder of sacred texts of Bhutan, is regarded as the immediate reincarnation of Longchenpa. Longchenpa is widely considered the single most important writer on Dzogchen teachings. Practices and attainment.


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