A History of Medieval Islam

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Manuela Gianandrea. Andrea Torno Ginnasi. Table ronde, 4 octobre v. Mirabile Digital Library is now available on Mirabile! An online resource for reading, browsing and queryng hundreds of Latin Medieval texts published in critical editions as well in journal articles by SISMEL. Edizioni del Galluzzo www. Edizioni del Galluzzo.

Olivia Montepaone. Lucia Pinelli. Ibn Qasi y la revuelta de los muridun. Are the hours male or female?

The Medieval Islamic Hospital: Medicine, Religion, and Charity

Astrolabes in al-Andalus: science and art at the crossroad between Orient and Occident in the Middle Ages. The successful symbiosis of art and science accomplished by the astrolabes enabled them to play a remarkable transcultural role between al-Andalus and the medieval Christian Kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula and Western Europe.

The astrolabe, a two-dimensional model of the Universe, caught the attention of royalty and religious elites, at both sides of a blurred and permeable border as a sumptuary object, expression of wisdom and symbol of prestige. Unusual inscriptions in Cufic script were engraved in the space devoted to the unequal hours in its five plates, designating the odd hours as male and the even hours as female. These inscriptions seem not to belong to the original manufacturing phase of the astrolabe, because the script is rather different from that in the other pieces.

This case could be considered as yet another of the cross references and exchanges found between al-Andalus and the Mediterranean oriental and occidental territories. This article aims to compare the different conceptions of holy war in Islam and Christianity by way of its depiction by Muslim sources, and to examine if the Islamic context would have conceived of a war carried out by Christians, and This article aims to compare the different conceptions of holy war in Islam and Christianity by way of its depiction by Muslim sources, and to examine if the Islamic context would have conceived of a war carried out by Christians, and therefore infidels, as a holy one.

This leads to analysis of whether the Islamic idea of holy war could be understood as a transcultural one or if, on the contrary, its sole conception was limited to those actions carried out by Muslims. The Medieval Speech Act Society was formed in for the purpose of creating a venue for the exchange of ideas related to historical pragmatics, speech act theory, relevance theory, and other aspects of the study of pragmatic meaning in Athar al—uwal fi tartib al—duwal.

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Document Analysis of “A History of Medieval Islam” by J.J. Saunders

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Islam’s Medieval Underworld

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A History of Medieval Islam

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